The amofor Path to Lead with In Silico Drug Formulation

In the field of drug formulation, the path from concept to a market-ready product is full of challenges. Success in this field requires not only overcoming these obstacles, but also finding the right partners whose scientific expertise and technical capabilities can turn concepts into reality. Among this complex landscape, one innovative solution is still underutilized: in silico drug formulation. This approach sets a new gold standard towards a streamlined, science-driven process. At the center of this emerging paradigm shift is amofor, a pioneering German company that has developed a computational platform based on physico-chemical principles.

The Inception

The founding of amofor is an example of a successful merging of academic research and industrial needs. Co-founders Dr. Christian Lübbert and Prof. Gabriele Sadowski began their journey by presenting their research findings at scientific events, where feedback from industry professionals revealed a significant gap in the market for a methodical, science-based approach to drug formulation. This need became crystal clear during a crucial meeting with a company in 2018. Discussions with a diverse group, from drug formulators to industry veterans, revealed a shared frustration with the prevailing trial-and-error formulation methods and a consensus on the need for a more scientific strategy, particularly through amofor’s PC SAFT modeling. PC-SAFT, known for its effectiveness in detailing the thermodynamic behaviors of complex molecules and interactions, emerged as a critical tool in addressing these formulation challenges.

The insight that the drug formulators are constrained by the lack of accessible, sophisticated modeling software motivated the two business partners to move from academia to entrepreneurship. Their goal: to provide the pharmaceutical industry with the in-silico modeling services and software it needs.

From Navigating Initial Hurdles to Demonstrating Impact

amofor’s journey was not without challenges at the beginning. Just six months after the company was founded, the unforeseen emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the interruption of important promotional activities at conferences. Nevertheless, resilience became our mantra. By strategically leveraging our scientific publications, we were able to engage our scientific and industry audiences and turn potential obstacles into opportunities for visibility and impact.

A particularly rewarding milestone for amofor was working with a company that provided limited data and challenged amofor to predict the stability of its formulation. The accuracy of amofor’s predictions was revelatory, providing insights and solutions to problems that had long troubled the company. This success underlines the robustness of the methodology and naturally reinforced our own confidence in this approach, with a unique in-silico method that also proved its applicability to the latest industry-relevant molecules beyond the typical literature model drugs.

The amofor Advantage

Today, we are an established company in the field of drug formulation. What sets amofor apart is not only its innovative modeling approach, but also its unique positioning in the industry ecosystem. We are not a typical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Instead, we position ourselves as a unique solution provider offering both software and in-silico services. Our advanced computational modeling enables formulation development for amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Employing cutting-edge computational tools, we unravel the complexities of drug formulation interactions, offering formulators critical insights and guidance. This methodology goes beyond conventional calculations and analyses and enables a more cost-effective, faster and more precise development process.

Looking Forward

Our story is one of scientific research, passion and an obsession to fulfill the needs of formulators. Our vision is to integrate the in-silico approach into the formulation development processes of pharmaceutical companies worldwide, becoming an indispensable tool in ASD development. Despite the anticipated challenges of adoption within a traditionally cautious industry, amofor is dedicated to its mission of delivering tangible value to drug developers everywhere.

We invite you to connect with us to learn more about our in-silico approach and to collaborate with us on your next project!