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amofor provides advanced in-silico formulation development services and cutting-edge software tools to optimize and streamline your formulation processes.

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About Us

amofor, founded as a spinoff from TU Dortmund University in 2019, is dedicated to supporting formulation scientists in the industry by enhancing the discovery and development of amorphous solid dispersions and other enabling formulation. Our mission is to offer reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions that empower scientists to achieve better formulations with greater confidence and precision.

By partnering with amofor, you are choosing a team committed to excellence and innovation in formulation development.

Why Choose Us

Academic Excellence

Leverage our strong academic background and extensive research expertise, rooted in our origins at TU Dortmund University.

Industry Trust

Benefit from our proven track record with key industry leaders who trust our solutions for their most challenging projects

Validated In-Silico Models

Our approach has been rigorously tested and validated through hundreds of experiments, providing reliable and predictive formulation guidance.

Quick Turnaround

Experience short turnaround times that accelerate your formulation development process without compromising quality.

Scientific Expertise

Rely on our robust scientific expertise, validated by hundreds of experiments and a strong publication record of over 200 papers.

amofor is pleased to participate at the 8th annual SOS conference in Barcelona, taking place on May 13-14, 2024. It’s a highly interactive international conference, organized by FreeThink Technologies, Inc and Lhasa Limited. The event focuses on the latest discoveries and innovations in stability science. It dives deep into both chemical and physical stability issues […]
Drug formulation can feel like a game of chess. Each move is critical. The outcome is uncertain, reflecting the unpredictability of formulation experiments. This dynamic leads to a constant cycle of trial and error. At amofor, we develop a so-called “digital twin” of the formulation. It works like a grandmaster-level chess advisor. It provides clarity [...]
In the preclinical phase, formulation development is usually very standardized, limited in time and follows heuristic guidelines. The digital design approach to drug formulation developed by amofor offers a unique alternative for customers looking for more efficient approaches. This innovative method enables the development of highly potent preclinical formulations in just one day, allowing a [...]

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