...combining few key experiments with in-silico predictions to find the best formulation for your active ingredient

Key experiments

Only few experiments with small quantities of the expensive active ingredient are required to characterize molecule-specific interactions with other compounds.

Predict long-term stability

The physical stability of amorphous formulations against crystallization and amorphous phase separation is predicted with this innovative quality-by-design approach.

Results of long-term stability tests enduring years are obtained within days.

In-silico calculations

Advanced in-silico modeling tools taking into account the specific intermolecular interactions reveal the optimal formulation and production process windows.

Designing production processes

Identify optimal solvents, solvent mixtures, processing temperatures, drying conditions (spray drying/ coating) for the formulation are assesible without any further screenings.

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Your benefit

  • Identify the best excipients for your formulation
  • Determine the design space of the production process
  • Reduce material consumption of expensive active ingredients
  • Save time – get the results of long-term stability tests even before conducting them
  • Decrease the number of screening experiments
  • Understand the influence of critical quality attributes on formulation stability
  • Using scientific modeling strategies from early formulation development to production

We support

  • Formulation developers
  • Solid state characterization
  • Quality managers: Batch-to-batch consistency. Predict the sensitivity of process variances (e.g. temperature, concentrations fluctuations, excipient quality …)
  • Process designers: Spray drying/ Crystallization/Hot melt extrusion design
  • Life cycle managers: Improve an existing formulation
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