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Together with the Solubility Company Oy (Helsinki, Finland) we explored the potential of their revolutionary small-scale SPA™ technique for solubility measurements as input for the PC-SAFT parametrization of pharmaceuticals.

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A negligibly small amout of material is sufficient for characterizing intermolecular interaction profiles of an API. The Solubility Company Oy (Helsinki, Finland) determined with their revolutionary small-scale SPA™ technique solubilities in organic solvents, serving as input for a PC-SAFT based predictive formulation screening at amofor.

Find out already at early stage what type of enabling formulation (e.g. lipid, ASD, co-amorphous) and even which excipient type is the best for your API, whithout the need of further experiments!

ASD shelf life​

The crystallization onset time in a metastable ASD is crucial for determining the shelf life of an ASD.

Many variable factors affect the true shelf life of an ASD, making a prediction for any storage humidity, temperature or API load almost rpedictable. Have a look at this white paper and learn more about our fast-track revolutionary approach to circumvent this issue!

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