Perform PC-SAFT predictions inhouse with SOLCALC


The user-friendly Microsoft Excel environment allows a fast and easy integration into your workflows.

Bring your formulation development to the next level!

Key functions of SOLCALC

  • calculation of phase equilibria with PC-SAFT (vapor pressures, solubilities, liquid-liquid-demixing, vapor sorption, phase equilibria at constant humidity)
  • PC-SAFT database for commonly used excipients, pharmaceuticals, solvents, ions and polymers (approximately 300 pure components, 1800 binary interaction parameters)
  • Parameter fitting of pure-component parameters to vapor pressure, density, solubility, vapor sorption data, including parameter sensitivity analysis tool via Monte-Carlo Simulations and comparison of different parameter sets
  • Unique shelf-life tool to predict the crystallization onset time of metastable ASDs
  • Customized calculation tool to predict metastable states, supersaturation or thermodynamic driving forces via activities of multi-component mixtures, octanol/water partitioning or create individual calculation procedures
  • 64bit or 32 bit Excel plugin with extensive Excel interoperability (e.g. Excel solver integration)
  • Requirement is a PC (Windows 10) with Microsoft Excel and Intel Processor.

Parameter database

Modeling of diverse complex processes possible (e.g. spray drying, co-precipitation, scCO2-based processes, … ) due to broad database with most commonly used pharmaceutical excipients. The database contains essential chemicals like solvents, gases, ions, excipients (polymers, sugars, amino acids, surfactants) and model APIs.

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Pure-component parameters
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Binary interaction parameters
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Excipient grades
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The database is constantly updated with amofors latest parameter developments.

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